Newborn Photography



Why photograph your newborn?  They are tiny and precious and will stay this size for a very short time.  They are new and you are young.  Let this session capture the first days of your new family member,  with their big sister or brother.

Let this be a stunning visual record of how it was at the beginning...


how it works

I recommend scheduling a session within the first 14 days after your baby’s birth, whilst they are still sleepy and flexible. While every baby is different, I find this time-frame generally works best and results in some truly magical images. It is still possible to carry out the shoot after this time, but babies become more awake and less happy to be moved around in their sleep.


The session will last three to four hours, depending on your baby and how quickly we can get them to drop off to sleep... I have a wealth of props, hats, tie-backs and fluffy blankets from which to choose.

It's a great idea if parents can be in some of the photographs with their newest family member - I am very good at hiding tired eyes!

I'll then select and retouch the best photographs, and we'll arrange a time to meet so you can see the results!



how to book

The session fee is £125, which includes up to four hours of photography, along with props & blankets, as well as the selection and retouching. I always have plentiful supplies of tea and cake…

Babies don't often arrive right to schedule, so it doesn't make sense to pick an exact date for the photo session - but to keep some space in the calendar I suggest that around the time of your 20-week scan, let me know, and we can pencil in the rough date. Then, once the little one arrives, let me know as soon as you can, so we arrange a suitable date.

To book a session, please either contact me using the link at the bottom of the page, give me a call on 07976 763 784, or use the online purchase button below.

You can also find me on Facebook

I look forward to meeting you!


purchase & book online

If you would like to gift a newborn photography session to a new or expecting mum or dad, it's simple to purchase here online, and then I'll take care of contacting the new parents to arrange a photography session when the little one arrives.

If you are buying online, please note that sessions are normally at my home in Surbiton, England.

Newborn Photography Session

A newborn photography session. Let me know your due date when ordering so I can pencil it into the calendar. Once you have had your baby, please let me know so that we can schedule a session. This is best during the first 14 days, whilst baby is still sleepy and flexible.

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