Recent Newborns

17 day old Milo and his family. Gorgeous in every way!

I was contacted by Milo's mum to come and photograph her lovely new baby and meet the family.  Ioanna's husband is also a professional photographer so after a moment or two we were chatting photo nerd land! I've been asked if it's intimidating photographing other snappers but really, we all want to look good and feel comfortable  don't we?  Ioanna's boys were just a delight.   So much hair and of course my teddy fixation. 

It's a tough job.

Leo and Harry, 13 day old very handsome twins.

I normally photograph newborns at my home studio but when required I travel with all the props and beanbags to meet my clients.  As was the case with Leo and Harry.  I drove up to Primrose Hill to photograph the twins.  Fraternal twins, Leo, the smallest but eldest and Harry, the sleepy one. I am regularly amazed by how beautiful my mums are.  Carol had given birth to the boys just 13 days before but there she was, fully perfect and styled.  A beautiful family.