Recent Newborns

Ottilie, 11 days old


What a gorgeous family!  I first met Holly and Peter when I photographed their wedding at Ham Polo Club in 2011 (the wedding at which Brad Pitt's helicopter landed during the speeches - see my wedding blog) and then their first little boy, a few years later. 

ham-polo-club-reception-details-gillflett-photo-london (9).jpg

So, to be asked to photograph their little girl, Ottilie, was just gorgeous for me.

Their little boy Kit, was just gorgeous too!

And Mummy and Daddy and still beautiful/handsome.

Charlie, 10 days new with his lovely family.

Having a new addition to the family is a wonderful thing.  I love doing sessions with an older sibling.  Will they behave, will they throw a strop when given their brother or sister?  The vast majority of the time, however, the love that glows from the older sibling is so pure that it jumps out.  Sometimes too, that older one is so happy, that she just can't help but show it!

So, when asked, do I include family members, I most definately do.