Wedding Photography


If you’ve recently become engaged and are planning your wedding, may I begin by offering my warmest congratulations! This is an exciting time and I know how important it is to get every detail right, especially the photographs, which will provide a lasting reminder of your special day long after the last piece of cake has been consumed. That’s where I come in. On your wedding day, I guarantee that from the moment the bride puts on her gown to when the final guests have left the dance floor, the whole event will pass in a heartbeat. You’ll wonder where the day went.

I will take the most beautiful photographs of you and your new husband or wife. I'll be able to capture fleeting details that you may miss on your whirlwind big day. Everyone is beautiful on their wedding day - and I am the lucky one that gets to record the big moment, the friends and the laughter.  Finally, I will present you with a luxury showcase album to treasure for the rest of your lives together.  This is why I love wedding photography.