Berkeley Hotel, Knightbridge wedding for Katy & Rob


Berkeley Hotel wedding for Katy and Rob


Katy and Rob came from their home in Cardiff to hold their wedding at the gorgeous Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge in London.  The Berkeley's recently redesigned their ballroom and has generally made the hotel look even more fabulous!

I met Katy a little while ago having been recommended by the Berkeley.  Katy was such an easy person to be around - and I loved her Mum! She wanted to have the most perfect day with her lovely Groom and trusted me to provide her with this.

Katy got ready with her Bridesmaids in her room.  The amazing Botias  did her magic with hair and make up and the Bride was ready.  The St Paul’s is a whole 200 yards away from the Berkeley, so Katy and her wedding party walked across the road for the ceremony.  Her super proud brother gave her away and the intimate ceremony began.

The weather was beautiful so everyone was keen to throw confetti at the happy Bride and Groom - one of my favourite shots of the day! After taking a few portraits nearby Katie and Rob returned to their wedding reception.

The Ballroom of the Berkeley was set up with a long table, trees and flowers from the amazing florist Larry Walsh  and with the help from wedding planners Planned2Perfection the day was so smooth.

Just a gorgeous day with a beautiful family.